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To everybody saying, or thinking "leave the daydreaming to your daydreams"...what is a forum for if not for discussion? I want to get an idea of what people would like. Literally all of one response answered the question I originally posed, which was "would something like this appeal to your wallets".

Would you people throw down money for an upgradeable, well-built, plastic exteriors G11? What about a PP2000 that uses TM's basic AEP design?

These are the pertinent questions, basically.

Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
That's kinda like saying Nike is a cool company, but I feel their prices are too high and I want to make a company that makes similar products to compete with them.

Do you have any idea of the costs to do that? You'd essentially be re-inventing the wheel.
I wouldn't be reinventing the wheel. We have the wheel. We have the car. We have all the R&D covered. We know people buy cars and we know how to make a car that doesn't blow up. All I'd like to do now is offer the car with a sleeker profile and multiple paintjobs.

In response to the Nike example, doesn't the sheer smorgasbord of different shoe companies prove that it's feasible and profitable? In addition to Nikes, I also own Air Jordans, NewBalance, and ******. I don't buy shoes because they're Nikes, I buy shoes that I like. Some of them happen to be made by other companies.

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And people do make money off re-inventing the wheel because they save on costs like R&D. However if the skimp on other costs they just end up making a shitty wheel no one wants.

so Skytorn...I see your IP address shows that your in Canada right now. I suppose you could get verified if you wanted to. That way you could have access to more areas of this forum so you can gather info for your imaginary company.
The two companies I set as a standard, SRC and JG, don't usually come up on this forum being held in high regards, that is true. Yet they both hold their own in the airsoft market, and if they can carve out a niche then Atlas Armaments certainly can.

But we come back to a point I want to reiterate, because I have yet to get a good answer. When I was 16 I was taking apart Nerf guns to modify, and there I understood that the whole "gun" is just a fancy shell for a spring & plunger. The exact same is true for airsoft--with a few exceptions like bullpup rifles, they're just shells for a gearbox and a magazine. So why on Earth is there such little motivation to make new forms and shapes for these shells?

ps: Yeah I am back for the summer. Last time I tried to get AV'd, I had to cancel the meeting a day before. feel like a bit of an ass to ask again right now. I'll get to it later.
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