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you don't need to quote every post...they won't go anywhere...'s a team thing/BBQ in prep for a big milsim

Nope...I didn't say anything about the heavier bolt altering any amount of gas usage used for propelling the BB. That's solely up to the valve, length of barrel and BB weight.

I meant more so about the amount of gas you're getting in your face...the heavier bolt needs more gas to recoil...and it's going to go somewhere.

Re. range and accuracy...I'd encourage you to try different BB weights (most guys I know shoot 0.30's, but it's worth trying 0.28's and 0.25's). I'd also encourage you to try modding your hopup rubber or trying the Stinger hopup. Extra hopup rubbers are easy to get if you're worried about messing your one and only up. The accuracy difference between my PDW and my buddy's is dramatic re. the lack of left/right flyers (we were shooting side by side at the last game from a tower and I took some spotting shots at some trees to guage how effective the mod was).
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