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Originally Posted by PaddMadd View Post
Two reasons why CP pisses me off:
I just finally received the taclight I've been waiting 25 days for. When I bought it, it went from the order going through to being mailed out of Singapore in FOUR HOURS. So fine. I wait. And I wait. and I fucking wait. Finally, I see that it's been scanned through customs on day 12(shipping was supposed to be 7-day express, thanks CBSA). After that, I wait some more. On day 21, I get an e-mail notification that it's been delivered. It went from Vancouver to Creston in 9 days, apparently without stopping anywhere in between. So I raced down to the post box(rural "super boxes"), and the box is EMPTY. I haven't checked my mail all week, yet the item that I've received a notification for isn't in the fucking box. To make shit worse, I was leaving that morning to go to the Okanagan. So I wait about 45 minutes after the mail carrier is supposed to arrive, and nobody shows. Being pressed for time, I decide to give up and get on the road, because I have three mountain passes to go through that I'd rather not do at night. I finally come back at about 8PM today, go down to the box, and the box is FULL of mail. Not only is my taclight stuffed into the box, but atop of the package is a card for a parcel I ordered from Hong Kong a full two weeks after the taclight. The kicker: the items were delivered about FIVE FUCKING MINUTES after I gave up and left, meaning that they were scanned as "successfully delivered" 50 minutes before they even hit the fucking box.

Canada Post is full of complete fucking oxygen-stealing retards hell-bent on pissing off the general population.
I also heard about some whiny cocksucker in the Langley/Surrey/whogivesafuck sorting station demanding a "radiation wand" for items that come over from Japan.
GOD DAMNIT, these idiots piss me off.
LOL, yeah CP dudes tend to take a "week off" and just keep the mail in there truck, until the day they feel like delivering it... and then they jsut stuff your mailbox with it... LOL

All the complaints above have been reported by my neighborhood to CP (rich neighbor hood = very powerfull ppl!) and the CP dude has now been replace, by a much better one! and I know him personally.... he even delivers my mail to my door when i'm home!

BTW: for the radiation thing.... most ppl think that radioactivitcy= ZOMG TOXIC GLOW IN GREEN MUTANTS! and tend to overeact while that is not true at all.... LOL

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