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Originally Posted by vandal138 View Post
I understand what you are saying, but why is it so difficult to understand someone if they say that they just got a sniper. Would you think they are talking about the rifle or a person that they purchased off ebay? I would think its common sense.

Its all part of the evolution of language after all.
Put it this way: In the context of certain sentences, what your talking about might make sense... but in others it's confusing.

Example: Over the radio, someone tells you "I'll go left and try and set up my sniper on their flank."

Does that mean he has a sniper in his fireteam, meaning you'll have 4-5 guys on their flank including a sniper? Or is he just one guy with a sniper rifle?

Anything that screws with communications on the field is a bad thing.

I think most importantly, though, is it's a sign of inexperience. Nobody who has been playing this sport for long calls sniper rifles "snipers".
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