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Between myself and my girl friend we have filed 90 complaints with CP. Our letter carrier is great delivers all our bills on time. My gf runs a jewllery making business and I order airsoft and paintball items, which is usually to big to be put in out mail box and for the letter carrier to drag around. We have a parcel truck manned by a lady that can not care less about her job. There are 5 apartment buildings our court and she for some reason can't find mine even though she parks right in front of it when she walks the parcels around. She always leaves me notice cards in the wrong mailbox of the wrong building. CP just says "Yup that is wrong and shouldn't be happening, we will have a supervisor contact you" I think that is their standard don't bug us line.
So I waited til she was delivering another package for me, and there she is going to the wrong building yet again. So I walk over and ask if she has a package for me, she said yes but I wasn't home. I tell her that I have been missing my packages because she goes to the wrong building. She tells me the address on my package is for building 26. I ask her if she is retarded because it says building 20. She told me to get lost or she will call the cops. I asked for my package and even showed her my ID and where my building actually was especially since her van was right infront of it like usual. But she said it was to late. Whatever same old same old when I called to complain.
90 complaints later and 2 videos of her fucking up and she is still working our route and she is still doing it. But they have no problems punishing the letter carrier for her fuck ups. We liked him, never had a problem with him, but for some reason they fired him for her screw ups. When I heard he was fired, I called and asked them why, they said he was the one screwing up and getting alot of complaints regarding parcel delivery. I told her it was the idiot that drives the parcel van she is the one everyone hates and is sick of. But I guess she must have some friends high up or something since they scape goated the guy that as far as our buildings went did a really good job.

They are over paid and under worked bunch of morons and they need to be knocked down a few notches and smarten up. There are employees that care about there job and do it well, but the rest are just there for the pay and benefits, and could care less if the job gets done right.
Ouch, sorry man... that was really painful to read.
I feel you pain.
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