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I'm sorry...uniform guidelines are absolutely necessary. This past weekend a large event at the lz had a few blue on blue incidents due solely to people not following the uniform requirements.

If you are playing with 20 people it's easy to remember who is who..but if you have 80+ players on the field and moving through bush...good luck with that.

While I agree it does not necessarily have to be green vs tan....that combination or combination's there of seem to work best when everyone plays ball.
Agreed, In a perfect world we would all train together and operate together. But the reality is that we are collections of smaller groups and individuals that come together to form a cohesive unit. In a circumstances where there is a large number of players it is always a good idea to encourage and enforce a uniform code to allow players to recognize people. Also with the ever changing nature of large games with engagement lines blurred and disruptions in comms you cannot count on even the best of players being able to keep track of all details.
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