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Originally Posted by Jcotter View Post
I've been watching a lot of video reviews lately and, what bothers me is when the reviewer doesn't even have pubic hair yet..
I'm fine with kids reviewing clear soft guns but when you have kids who haven't hit puberty yet (let alone the age of majority) reviewing metal or black guns I get mad.

Also, reviews where the reviewer stammers and cannot complete a sentence with out using Ummm, ahhhh and ,20 second pauses.
I hate that shit. If your gonna do a video review at least make a script or write down the points you want to say. Just filming it and talking about the gun with no thought process behind it makes them sound like an idiot. I want a good review if I'm gonna spend my money on it. I've noticed that gear reviews are usually a lot more well done. Usually because their older and care more about quality gear.
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