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[playing pretend] a hypothetical Airsoft company

Hey guys,

One of my fantasies/pipe dreams for when I've got a ton of money kicking around is to start a small airsoft manufacturer. I figured I will throw my ideas out there and see if this actually appeals to airsoft players other than the 3 I know.

The concepts behind the company mostly revolves around two things: 1. "Great Jiminy Cricket are airsoft guns expensive" and 2. "why does every company just manufacture 29 variants of the M4, but if I want a Tavor I'd have to pay out the nose for the one company with a monopoly?" The former I can reconcile with the fact that quality costs a pretty penny, but the latter is particularly baffling as airsoft guns are just shells for a, without further ado, Atlas Armaments: first in the phonebook, first in value, first in awesome. :P

1. The company will be HK/Taiwan/Singapore based. No one enjoys the manufacture costs in NA and Japan's market is too entrenched as it is. Maybe in 10, 20 years the situation will be different, though.

2. The quality/price standard will be somewhere around SRC or JG guns.

3. AEGs and AEPs, no blowback and no metal bodies. Fibreglass .

4. The company will specialize in exotic, tacticool guns that are underrepresented in current airsoft. Some examples would be:

- ACR - SCAR-L and H
- F2000 - XM8
- TAR-21 - Spectre M4
- Famas F1 - G11

If you're reading this non-exhaustive list and thinking, these look familiar...yep. You guessed right. Atlas Armaments will take everybody's money, but most of all it'll be the guys who probably play more videogames than they do running out on the field. Personally, I feel this is a market that is SORELY under...for lack of a better word, exploited. They could use some catering. Hell, I could use some catering.

5. In addition there would be a line of shotguns like the AA12 and Neostead 2K that use the Marushin/Maruzen (don't remember which one) that doesn't use shotshells. I've always found those incredibly impractical outside the backyard.

6. Most importantly, Atlas Armaments shall swear to never, ever make an AR-15 or an AK.

That's what I have so far. Thoughts? Criticisms? Laughter? Have at it!

ps. if you're wondering, I've started airsoft in England where I go to university, hence no age verification, but I'm Canadian in my bones. :P
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