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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
I would never say the closed bolt hopup is stellar in any way. It's an evil consequence of that model.

It's actually a very simple hopup...but it is certainly erratic. Personally...I mod my hopup rubbers. Mine do shoot very straight (latest modded one was tested out this past weekend).

The range is not as good as some other rifles. My PTW, my buddy's FAL, and probably a host of other rifles shoot further than my WE M4/PDW.

It is not a "magic" is not the be all and end all of an airsoft gun. It does offer a lot of fun per trigger pull. That's why I use it.

The white spacer creep has been written up many times...and fixes/solutions to that.

Don't know what tube you're talking about...buffer tube? Why would you pack it with paper?

A new hopup won't do much...lots of guy have said good things about the stinger one (and they're certainly better than the stock one).

The propane nose you're getting is from the gas being used by the blow back cycle...there's nothing wrong or that can be done about that. Oil seeping between the receiver indicates that you're oil is lubed in your mags. You can back off a bit on how much oil you're using.
I read people making consistant bodyshots with a pistol at 50ft, I'd imagine my rifle should at least double that... I'd be lucky at 50-75ft, and it would probably take 3-5rounds to hit.

My hopup seems consistent, as the bbs almost always drop a good foot-2foot below my scopes lowest setting at 50ft. The left-right is about the same radius as the arc.

Sometimes I get propane nose, Sometimes I get propane wind to the face. Sometimes I see a poof of gas. (seeing it would most likely be over-oiling)
I'm thinking the mag seal is weak, venting gas out the sides are rear.

As for oiling, I have a madbull metal propane adapter, which I throw a couple drops in where I'm supposed to every couple mags.

Range? I dunno if I'm missing something but a .28g bb at 400fps should travel the same distance between rifles. Longer barrels might affect accuracy, but not distance.

the tube I'm talking about is this:
Inside it is a hunk of lead. When firing it smashes back and forth, making a high pitch clink. I put paper inside it so it is one weight.

I might just get a longer barrel too, I dunno. I'm just greatly dissapointed with range/accuracy. My paintball gun could tripple this gun in every aspect. 40 yr old break barrel pellet guns shooting straighter/farther? I dunno.

Would be nice to game it, but if a sidearm has longer range than my rifle, what good is it?
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