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Originally Posted by ex View Post
I'm sorry...uniform guidelines are absolutely necessary. This past weekend a large event at the lz had a few blue on blue incidents due solely to people not following the uniform requirements.

If you are playing with 20 people it's easy to remember who is who..but if you have 80+ players on the field and moving through bush...good luck with that.

While I agree it does not necessarily have to be green vs tan....that combination or combination's there of seem to work best when everyone plays ball.
agreed, and edited to clarify..

I think sides split by camo style or Green VS Tan is a good idea, but it is by no means the only defense against Blue on Blue actions.

In Fact let me relate a tale that illustrates this.

At Border War I ( I think) a large contingent of Russian speaking players attended and were on the side I commanded.

They were known to be a cohesive and aggressive fighting force. But it became clear soon into the game that they were just as dangerous to us as to the enemy. they were all dressed in Distinctive Russian Camouflage patterns and to the last armed with AK style rifles. They numbered 20+

They literally killed everything in their vicinity that was not them.

At one point I actually split their team and send them in opposite flanking actions outside our FOB so that they would engage each other , so I could safely send out a large Assault force out the other side of the base.

I had Berkut running Liaison Coms as they did all their coms in Russian, It was funny hearing them call in the contact against one another ON the SAME NET . Even funnier hearing them shout at each other in Russian while engaging in Mutual Annihilation.
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