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Friendly fire, and the attack of the Blue Falcon

I have been noting quite frequently people mentioning how they "got Friendly fired" or "team killed" .. and complaining about it as if it is the fault of the person pulling the trigger.

The reality is , 9 times out of 10 if you got shot by your own team it's because you screwed up.

You either,

1. took off ahead without telling anyone
2. decided to flank without telling anyone
3. were out hunting solo
4. failed to re-organize with your unit after a fight
5. Ignored communications
6. had no means of communication
7. lost track of where your guys were because you failed to communicate
8. got tunnel vision on one opponent and lost track of the larger fight moving around you.
9. just not paying attention to where your team mates are .. and get caught in the crossfire.
10. You did everything right and one of your own guys just got too excited and shot you accidentally.

Putting yourself at risk of being killed by your own team seriously screws over your own team, as while they are trying to figure out , who you are, what you are doing, are you a risk .. and then choosing to shoot you, The other team is taking advantage of this distraction.

As much as possible, you need to Know what the plan is, know who is involved, know who is to the left and right of you. Always operate with a buddy. Pay attention to what is going on and COMMUNICATE.

There is NO NEED for green VS tan.. or any other markings if you organize your group, have a plan and communicate.

EDIT- distinctive uniforms certainly ASSIST with target discrimination, but it should be your Last line of defense not the only one.

If you get shot by your own team, Kick yourself in the ass, as it was probably your fault.
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