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By the time your thirsty your already dehydrated this for for every day life not just exercise/ activity. North Americans are notoritously bad for this we live our lives in a slightly dehydrated state which isn't soo good. Drinking coffee helps your headache because your addicted tongue caffeine it's actually a diuretic so it's putting you into worse dehydration then if you drank nothing at all. Your best bet If time permits would be eating small amounts through out unfortunately your probably busy in fire fights etc. So if you can take the time to eat a small meal that isn't too greasy or with Alot of processed sugar would hold you over until the gam ends. water or watered down gaterade a bottle of gaterade is too concentrated and should be mixed 50/50. Eating a foods with a combination of simple and complex carbohydrates and proteins is very good. trail mix is a very good example of this. As well are cereal bars and snacks o the sort fresh or dried fruit has natural sugars to give you energy as well. There are lots of things you can eat. It's just choosing the right ones

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