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Ingame food & water: what do you eat/drink?

Hello all !
During a game, it's easy to get dehydrated and suffer from headache.
It's also easy to prepare sandwiches that you'll really not feel like eating once you're on the field.
What do you drink and eat to stay in a top shape during a 6-8 hours game? especially towards the end.
how do you crush the headache and make it a complete pleasure to play for the whole duration even if you're not in top shape in general?
Is it better to eat all the time little things, or to stop for a meal at midtime?
I have noticed that a thermos of coffee really helps me a lot.Is that a headache factor?

I know you have to drink water and gatorade, fine; but how much of it, how often, and with what body weight?
thank you for your answers, I'm really interested to learn as much as possible about that, from real airsoft experiences.
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