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Tm m14 ebr

I was thinking about getting a new AEG, mostly for outdoor games. When talking about it with a friend, he suggested the TM M14. When I told him that I prefer modern looks, he said that it is possible to fit a EBR kit on it. I also found a few posts in ASC confirming this. I understand that "EBR" is more of a pattern than a gun model, but in the end it will definitely look more modern.

When I'm reading about the stock TM M14, almost every reviews says that it is a very good gun, and I know that I would appreciate wielding one.

I also know that I would like to have it's FPS raised to 390ish and to replace any eventually failing parts that such a drastically fps increase might cause. Off the bat I'm thinking about motor, gears and a few other parts, but as I'm still such a big noob, I know there are tons of details I might overlook.

I'm not a big fan of the DIY channel and I like to hire professionals services to ensure quality, reliability and post-sale services.

So, basically what I'm looking for while posting this is a quotation for my project. I am expecting to put about a grand in this.

Thanks for you help
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