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Welcome to the club of getting ripped off of people with "great" trader ratings. Although the person you bought your pistol off of only has 1 trader rating. My mistake was to NOT read the posters other ads to see that he's asked questions about the "broken" pistol he had sold me. I put "broken" in quotations cause according to him it wasn't broken. I guess you call a cracked outer barrel NOT broken. Anyway, I digress.

I would contact the seller and try to work out a deal with him as he's obviously mislead you. If that doesn't work, well that is what the trader rating system is for.

But he's getting out of airsoft anyway so what's the point eh?

Please don't paint the classifieds with a wide brush. I've purchased many items off of them and only been burned once.
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Long story short:
If your gun is in Canada, leave it in Canada.
If your gun is not in Canada, leave it outside of Canada.
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