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Gear, money, Questions, All that nonsense.

Mmkay, In a few months I'm going to be starting a part time job and make some money. Now, from each paycheck I'm going to be taking half or perhaps all of my earned money and putting it off to the side so that I may start Airsoft and keep a bit extra in case I break something or another. Hopefully $1250-2000 so that when I turn eighteen I can get AV'd and then get a full set of gear and the likes. Possibly clothes, vests, goggles and such earlier since I don't think they are restricted to AV'd people or those who are eighteen.

Now. to begin I've done a little bit of looking around the Newbie section and FAQ and read some of the topics and got the gist of what they were saying so now I just need to ask a few things.

First of all, Guns. I plan on mainly playing in larger outdoor areas so I'm probably going to need something with a large battery. Also I'm going to get a Gas pistol on sidearm. I don't want to skimp out on weapons so if someone could recommend some manufacturers that would be great, I'd prefer something that was not only durable but also reliable.

Next up. Gear. I don't know where exactly I am supposed to get gear from, if I can just walk into a surplus store and pick something nice out of if I go looking online and simply order stuff in. Same for vests and the like too.

Also. Anybody on here live in or around Kingston?
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