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Did I screw myself?

About a month ago, I bought a pistol off someone on the forums (had nothing but good trader ratings). They told me it was in exellent condition, and it works perfectly. I went to meet up with him and checked out the gun (put a mag in and shot to make it worked, didn't know much about GBB Airsoft guns, basically checked it out as if it was a real pistol). Payed cash ($300, had a brand new chrome metal slide, making it full metal, and upgraded recoil spring, which is the only reason I payed more) to him and was on my way. Later, I noticed it wasn't shooting anywhere near where I was aiming so I tried to adjust the hop-up but because I'm new to the sport I took it to a gun doc to basically show me how. He opened up the gun to take a look at it and informed me that the hop-up was completely destroyed.

I've looked everywhere (including oversees) for a replacement KSC USP Compact Hop-up rubber but absolutly no one has them in stock. And after messaging them all, they told me they were discontinued parts (Pre System 7 usp).

So did I basically just buy a $300 paperweight?

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