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Originally Posted by Eeyore View Post
Also, many games require people who field sniper rifles to also carry a secondary weapon. So you won't have to buy one gun when you are starting but two, making it even more expensive to start.
Yup that too and theres the whole Veto/ BA Cert thing and i really dont wanna get started on that whole can of worms

Ahh fuck we go

Some fields will not allow a sniper to play unless he has certification this is the BA Cert Thing " Totaly bogus in my opinion" but thats my opinion

The Veto thing is where if anyone on the field does not want you to play the roll of a sniper you at that point cannot play as a sniper and must switch out to a more common roll as infantry with a AEG anyway so...........

Just Buy a AEG first and save yourself alot of headaches

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