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There's quite a few places to get age verified in and around Toronto. TTAC,, at Flag Raiders, etc... Check the AV thread for local reps...check the games to see if an AV'er will be there. (easiest way is to go to a is hectic and AV'ers can't always make the time to meet up one on one)

So far as a bolt action goes...if your mind is made up, then it's made up. Personally I think it's not a wise decision at all to start with a bolt gun.

1. You're massively outgunned in a skrimish (which is the majority of games)...not so much fun when you're starting out. You'll likely be outranged as well...until you start into the slippery slope of upgrading a lot of the parts of it.
2. The range/accuracy of them can be made to be quite good....but they're not all that great out of the box. Kind of disappointing when you're starting out.
2a. You can spend A LOT of money on upgrading them...and a lot of time...and the points above and below will still apply.
3. You need to go to field games to use them. CQB and some other fields aren't going to allow it (nor will they be useful). Kind of limiting when you're starting out.

There is a finesse to airsofting with a bolt IS NOT the same as sniping/shooting a real bolt action rifle. The pros that you get when shooting a real steel accurate bolt action rifle (accuracy/range/precision/reliability,etc...) do not exist with airsoft bolt action guns.

I would recommend that you consider a "standard" AEG to start with. You'll most likely find the games more able to participate in any/all games...find support and assistance much easier...etc... (there's a reason why most everyone starts with them)

So...all that said...if you've rationalized it and are still set on it...
- spend your money wisely and get a TM VSR10 or a Maruzen APS2 system, the CA M24 is quite nice too. The build quality is excellent and they are a solid platform to build up from if you want to go that route.
- the clone VSRs and L96's are pretty shoddy. Even adding $$$$ parts to're left with good parts in a shoddy base. In this case...the sum of the parts will not add up to a better whole. It'll just be a shoddy expensive gun that you'll never get your money back out of...unless you sell it to some noob who doesn't know any better.
- set your expectations in advance...if you buy a $200-300're going to get basically what's the bottom of the barrel so far as bolt actions go. In the $500+ range (and it gets stupid expensive very quickly) end up with a decent base.
- buying a good base that's been partially/full upgraded may be a more cost effective way of going about things.

So...while I don't think that I can bring myself to outright tell you "don't do this" (who the fuck am I to tell you that?!?)...I do firmly believe in the points made above.

Best of luck,

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