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Enjoy being outshot by just about everyone out there

You're probably assuming a sniper rifle out of the box would automatically have range and accuracy advantages over the common AEG.

In fact, it doesnt. You'll end up shooting the same way, only that the AEG can spit out a bunch of rounds at a trigger pull while you can only get off one.

Sniper rifles are an investment if you want to get any sort of benefits with your rifle. If you're starting out, buy an AEG, we're not saying this to give you guff. We're saying this to save you money and save you from fustrations as you first get involved.
An AEG can be an incredibly accurate platform out of the box provided you don't cheap out, you can easily do with an AEG what a stock bolt action rifle is capable of. Don't limit yourself to something for 'cool factor' of a bolt action rifle or what have you. You'll thank me for this in a long run.

Now, If you have a healthy income you can easily just buy your AEG first and buy a bolt action rifle later on, just again, be aware of the amount of money you will have to put into your BA to get it shooting right.

Lose any of your assumptions on how guns work in Call of Duty or whatever. Airsoft is nothing like a video game, and nothing like real firearms.

And to answer your question. Yes, in most cases there will be a verifier present. Contact the game host or check the relating thread to see if any known verifiers have signed up.

Edit: Another note I'd like to toss out there. If you're really dead set on getting an airsoft sniper rifle. And have the funds to upgrade it properly. (anywhere from $500 - $1000 dollars.) Don't cheap out on clone shit like Wells, TSD or UTG.

Tokyo marui, Maruzen and Classic Army have proven to be very reliable and accurate rifle platforms to build on

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