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Originally Posted by danteh View Post
TTAC3 on Dunlop st. sometimes hosts games on Friday nights and are GREAT for beginners, Brian (the owner) is a great guy and will even hook you up with a rental if you need. Just goto the Ontario part of the events forum and look up other games.
TTAC3 is at Dupont and Ossington.

Game threads for TTAC3 are always posted in the Ontario Game Thread. Use the search bar at the top next to your login area, and type TTAC3. Then look on the right hand side for Ontario Games. THEN CHECK THE DATE.

A game is not held every week. If there is a game, sign up. You must be 18+ to attend. An age verifier is 99% at the event, so you can get AV'd for ASC while you are there.

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