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Originally Posted by Ross View Post
Not calling hits takes the fun out of the game for everyone. It doesn't matter how casual a player you are. When you pepper a guy 20 feet away from you. Hear him swear and shake his hand from the welt he just got, and then watch him run away, it's very discouraging to keep playing.
I have rarely had an issue with people not calling hits.. because the option was not presented. Shooting continued until the hit was called..
You don't stop shooting until the hit is called. If you double tap a guy and he does not feel it ... then he is NOT HIT , those are the rules. He has to acknowledge the hit for it to count.

It does not matter if I can see BBs bouncing off the guys head... until I hear "hit" and he acknowledges the Hit.. he is NOT HIT Regardless of what I may think.. those are our rules.

Someone not taking the hit means YOU DID NOT SHOOT HIM ENOUGH, it's your problem.. not his.

All of this is notwithstanding blatant Cheating.. that has to be dealt with at the time between the players involved. And if you let someone go that you know was a cheating because you witnessed it, You are part of the problem.

so here is another Peeve.

Players who whine about people not taking their hits in the after action report, but would not say shit if their mouth was full of it at the field to the offending players.
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