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I can't comment on the SRC AK74U...but if this is branching off onto other platforms I'll put in the following points.

- WA/G&P/Ino/KA/etc...are great builders guns...but expensive to keep running. Reliable, solid mags tend to be REALLY expensive...making the overall cost very high. Good parts to put one together, or to replace worn/broken parts...are also pretty expensive. This platform has THE MOST aftermarket parts available. You could probably choose from 5 different manufacturers and 3-4 different styles for any give part of the rifle.

- KJW rifles seem to have a solid following of guys who say they are reliable. Personally, I'm not a fan of the system...and (IMO) I hate that there are only the one type of ribbed mag available.

- WE rifles tend to be easily (and relatively cheaply) fixable for any issues that come up...perhaps the one exception is the SCAR, which I would say has fundamental design issues (basically beats itself to death). The PDW seems to be a very solid alternative to an M4. IMO, the G39C action a bit "soft"...and the M14 is a nice shooter, but is too damn long for me. The new batch of WE CQBR M4's are really, really nicely built right out of the box. This past winter the guys were running the CO2 mags in some pretty bloody cold weather. There is a definite lack of "industry buy in" to the WE guns. Manufacturers have not been quick, it at all, to offer up WE platform specific parts/accessories. RATech and TSC are probably the two most notable exceptions. That said...a lot of real steel parts if you say wanted a different pistol grip you simply have to drill a hole (for the hidden plunger that pins the selector in place) in the grip and bolt it on, I've seen guys do that in 5min with a dremel tool.

I can't comment on classic air systems...other than they are impressive to see. The mechanism vary quite a bit. Some being more tempermental than others. I wouldn't do it for an AK, MP5 or M4....but I'd do it for a SAW/LMG/MG.

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