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I know of a few player who have stormed off the field and raced off in anger. If it was because something didn't go the way they wanted, or they had a shitty day of shooting ect.

As for not calling your hits I understand your gear eliminating the feel of a hit. I have been hit in weird spots, thought I wasn't but called myself out to avoid both a face full of bb's and not being invited back to airsoft the next year, since I play on a private field.

I am talking about people you obviously hit not calling them.

Oh another pet peeve.

Getting hit in the face (Not your fault if it was the only target I presented, I know what I signed up for) but it still hurts like a mother.
My goggles fogging up.
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1+1 = 2
Were you maybe expecting 1+1 = donut?
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