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Originally Posted by DEATH2000 View Post
Im not the grammar police, but most people on here have a pet peeve towards people who dont take the time spell check their posts and use proper grammar and punctuation. People are less likley to think your 12 if you dont type like one.

If i can type it properly on my Blackberry then you can take the time to type it properly on your keyboard...
Not to be an ass, but your post is all about having proper grammar and spelling and such, while it is full of mistakes. I found 7 mistakes, including the legendary "your/you're" mistake. I could care less about spelling and grammar in a regular post, but I had to point it out to you considering the context. peeves...
1. People who don't call hits

That's about it. I can get over everything else as most people have good intentions...but not calling a hit is just plain douchery.

Also, this being ALMOST a peeve: people who think they are the shit for dressing like a soldier and carrying a fake gun. It's a game, not the army. I get that there is a realism factor to it (what makes it fun!), but drop the frowny face and have some fun!

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