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Originally Posted by specop331 View Post
Hey guys, im looking for a m14 and i still haven't found what i want. You are talking about stuff that cost 250-500$. The problem is that im looking for a gun that is less than 200$ for beginners that will still do the job. I was hoping by joining this site that people could help me in my search.It also has to be legal in canada (of course but still want to make that clear ).Packeges below 250 are also acceptable, i find theem very useful.Anyways.if you can help me, plz reply!!!!!
Sorry to burst your bubble but you're looking at $350 alone for the gun itself (BNIB, CYMA M14). If you want something better at $350 you're looking at a used, slightly better clone in not that great condition.

Surebet's done all the work for you, and this is a glance of the kinds of prices you're looking at in the classifieds

If you can't drop that kind of cash then an M14 isn't the gun for you. You can get a decent AK or M4 (BNIB) for $350 or a package AK or M4 for $400-450 but that's the best you're going to find (of stuff that isn't the best but isn't some crappy POS).
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