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First generally you can't personally import. You have to get someone else to do the work for you.

Second AV has no legal bearing whatsoever (except possibly in Ontario). This is just a measure implemented by this site. You can purchase from anywhere in Canada you like however as per forum rules we cannot assist non verified members in acquisition (don't want kidiots running around with black "assault rifle machine gun snipers that kill babies puppies kittens and seals"). You may say you're 19 but we can't verify that and ID can easily be faked on the internet (which is why you have to meet the verifier in person).

Third, because this is the largest airsoft forum in Canada you'll have a hard time without AV status because there are a few retailers who deal exclusively within this forum in the AV only sections.

Finally, TM Glock, it's kickass. I haven't shot one of those before but I have played with a TM Hi-Capa once.

Good luck.

PS: AV might take up to a month. You have to figure out a time that you're both free, actually go meet and exchange details and then the AV rep has to submit it to the admins who do update batches once every week or every 2 weeks.

PPS: The KJW isn't "great" it's alright. You can get much better for a little more, or something different for the same price. And then there's always buying used for cheaper or spending a bit more for a package that might include and extra mag or light or any other plethora of goodies.
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