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this is the begining of my First Full Airsoft season.
I spent a lot of cash over the last year.
Im not a Student but i am a father and husband.
My car is 10 years old. I dont drink but i will smoke a little herb once and a while.

My armoury new and used cost me about 2500.00 (i have 4 m4s, 2 Aks a couple smgs and 5 pistols.. WHY?? I can only use 1 rifle and 1 pistol..
Cause the price was right..

I have BDUs brand new Woodlan ripstop. they cost me 90$ from a surplus store.
My Kit is a vest, a 3 ltr hydration, 6 dual mag pouches, 1 belt, 1 drop leg and 1 holster.
All bought used for a total of 110.
My paintball mask is 10 years old (but i bought a new lense last year -- saftey first)
si a total of 100 there
so not including my rifles, pistols, batteries and BBs..
my kit was just over $300.00

I know people who drink that on a pay day.

air soft is only as expensive as YOU make it.

I have only been involved in 2 milsim games and they were a blast,
I have been to a couple skirmishes they are a blast.

Making fun of a guy that spent 300 for his look is childish and likely based in jelousy.

Take the time to save $100.00 to hit a surplus store in your city and i bet you'll find a lot of goodies and come home with change.

if a player doesnt take the time to find his own look, then by all means play the game
but dont expect to be playing a milsim as without the proper look yuo will be playing in the parking lot. simple.
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