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Originally Posted by NRN_R_Sumo1 View Post
To be honest here, I'm someone who plays with a group of people who don't go out and buy 600 dollars of equipment, we're college students and don't have that sort of money anyways.
Whopdie shit. I spent over $2,000 on airsoft while I was in college.. that was WHILE I was paying for my own education. It's called budgeting and knowing where your spending priorities are. 90% of the college students I know spend over $200/mo in alcohol. Cut that down by 75% and in 3 months you have a decent AEG. 3 more months and you have your BDU's and boots, and goggles.

I wouldn't expect people to spend more than they can on airsoft gear.. but seriously the "you're a snob and we can't all afford that stuff so you should let us play anyway" argument is getting rather old. Airsoft games have a set standard you should meet. If you can't, then don't play. We're not lowering our standards to accommodate people not willing to spend the money.

It's like going to a V8 muscle car show with your rusty '92 Ford Escort and bitching that they should lower the standards to let you in because not everyone can afford an LS3 powered fun machine.

To reinterate what I said in the OP -airsoft, like any other hobby, has a minimum accepted financial investment to get into. If you can't meet it, don't get involved. If you want to play t-shirt BB tag with your friends somewhere, be my guest. I really don't care. But don't tell me we should accept you at a game with an established dress code just because "you don't want to spend the money." If you can't afford it, tough. Life sucks.

As for making fun of people who actually do spend money on gear.. like I said, again in the OP, there's a reason we spend money on gear. Making fun of people who spend money on functional gear is just plain jackassery. Everyone has different tastes. I've seen guys who have 3x the gear I do because they use it all, and guys who have a 1/3 the gear because they don't actually need anymore for the way they play. I don't make fun of the 3x gear guy anymore than the 1/3 gear guy makes fun of me. In fact, I'm more likely to go talk to them and check out their rigs to see if I can get some ideas I might like for mine.

Originally Posted by Strelok View Post
I dunno what else to say about what you wrote dude. People to play to have fun, I dont care if someone dressed up completely at a scrim, or doesn't. But if there are requirements for a game that you need to be geared out and not rocking with a tactical maraca (Highcap if you don't get the joke) I would only hope someone would have the decency to look up to the part.

A good deal of the experience for me is the milsim aspect. I dont invest a lot into my guns just to run around with what would be best compared to a bunch of 14 year olds having an 'airsoft war' in the woods in Tshirts and Jeans.
This here sums up a good chunk of my OP in simple terms.

We don't spend $$$ on airsoft gear to play tag with BBs. You don't have to milsim.. but games do have standards. If you want to play BB tag, don't play at an event.

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