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Originally Posted by dantheman View Post
I have a question about support gunners: What type of secondary weapon do they carry? (if they carry any at all)
Could you carry a SAW as a primary and a M4 on your back as the secondary?
I did that for a MilSim last year. Only because we were able to arm the POWs if we were able to rescue them...and because the rules stated that we could take out 300rnds/rifle and 1000/saw, and that was the total ammo limit for the whole day (expect no resupply). A couple of us did that...and it paid off huge. We rescued them...we armed them...later we disarmed them when some other guns went down or when we needed to empty the mags to get the ammo split out to others

It was cumbersome...but not all that heavy. If things got hot and heavy we ditched our packs (and thus the extra stuff attached to the packs) for more ease of movement.

IMO, a pistol should be a must carry item....don't know that you need too many mags for it though. When you're in a rifle fight and you've got to go to a pistol things are getting pretty dire pretty quickly.

I'm going to try and run a SAW and a have a small PDW slung/in a pack. Folded up it's about as small as a collapsed MP5 and pretty tiny. I'll likely ditch it (with the pack) as we establish FOBs and whatnot. If the SAW goes'll end up in the bushes and the PDW will take on primary duties.

For a fun-day of small skirmishes...I usually don't bring a backup rifle. The games and stuff are usually pretty laid back and casual. The only time I do is if I'm testing out a new mechbox/rifle/etc...

For events and milsims...I'm definitely taking out fall-back weapons (at least one). They may stay locked up...or might get hauled out to the field/in-play (since some of the walks out to the staging/parking areas are long, long walks).

So do what you want to...but make sure you can do it.
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