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Thompson Outer Barrel

Hi guys,
I am on a search for a TM M1A1 Thompson outer barrel. I had the famous outer barrel crack/break on the Thompson barrel.
I found a website and I just would like to see if anyone has bought anything through this site. Basically, I'd like to know if it's legit.

This is the part I'm about to buy.

I e-mailed to see if they have it in stock. I think they do. They replied to me in broken English.

Once I know for sure that this place is legit. I'll order the part.

This is what they wrote to me

"Dear Sir,

OK, we got one for you, please place the order for anything and ask our sales to cancel that item you ordered and change to the Marui-Parts-TH-1 for you in the additional information box.

Or you may provide us the information below and we make the order for you."
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