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Originally Posted by highny View Post
I ordered and received 5 bags of the .36 bb bastard. the weird thing about these bbs are for every 1 in 20, there is a lighter and cracked bb. It's not cracked that's falling apart, but like you can see lines in the bbs. Think of earth and the tectonic plates cracks. Anyone experience this?
If it's consistent, it's probably something with the manufacturing process or moulds or something.

BUT it kind of sounds like the BB's aren't "finished" like you'd expect of a regular weight BB. I think it's because of the material they have to use that gives it it's weight (not your typical polystyrene stuff since it's not dense enough to give it that kind of weight in a 6mm BB package, I think it's cubic zirconia or a similar material). And due to the different material maybe slightly different processes need to be used to "finish" the BB's.
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