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Ok after swapping out the spring guide still the twang remained
Changed springs= Twangs
Changed Piston = Twangs

Changed everything eccept the cylinder and cylender head = Twangs

Now heres where it gets fucked up i pulled everything out and put everything back in that was there when i ordered it including the Element spring, Only after i packed and i mean packed the last 5-7 coils on the spring guide with Lithium Grease The TWANG HAS FINNALY GONE!!!!
Note: I was only doing this on a whim i usually dont use that much grease but seen it on another forum and was willing to give it a try.

It has been over 500 rnds and the dreaded Twang hasnt returned thank god, nothing but a faint "pfft" sound now. I will update this if it ever comes back.

Also if anybody could shed some light on why this worked? id be much appreciated

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