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Ha this is funny, I think you guys will have quite the LOL
The Mrs ordered a Kobo E-reader for herself, Xpresspost as delivery option around the same time I ordered my RC ViperJet from HK
It took Xpresspost to get HER the package in 4 days, during those four days, the following happened with MY package

2011/04/21 03:01 MISSISSAUGA Item processed at postal facility
2011/04/20 22:35 MISSISSAUGA International item arrived in Canada and will be reviewed by Customs
2011/04/19 08:45 HONG KONG International item has left the origin country and is en route to Canada

So this is telling me that in the time it took a .07kg book sized package 4 DAYS to get across from Brampton to Scarborough (discounted processing time for Indigo/Chapters) (we laid into CP over this one)
It takes a 4 foot tall, 1 foot wide 5kg international package about 3 days to come half way across the world?

Either EMS is damn good to me or Canada Post is really slacking.. in a comparative sense... hmmmmm

Im not worried about the package just yet but on a side note, I wonder how long will it sit in 'Sauga before it gets here...

Through my experiences, when questioned about their postal standards NOT ONE CP employee has been able to recite the standards back to me. My local lettermail postie is about to lose his job because he's been stuffing small fragile packages into mail slots and doing overall dodgy work; the folks in the building here talked about how his children will starve because I made sure that those who were not happy complained about the spotty mail service this building gets in the general. I explained the "sins of the father" rule, and pointed out how now CP parcel guys are ACTUALLY delivering their parcels to EVERY resident in the building now, with a 70% reduction in DNCs and its not my problem if a postie cant do his job in order to feed his kids, I'm all about merits, metrics and matrix (no not THAT Matrix Neo). I've raised so much shite that they had a supervisor type come out in plain clothes and spot this asshole over 3 days... One down, notch on belt, more to go.... So get out there and complain like Styrak said, he is right and if you got any clout or red tag privileges, use em, cause some damage because all WE, as Canadians do is send letters when we're angry, this has to stop. Canada Post is this bad because we let them get this far, we let them get away with it. Now its time to take it all back, a postal employee is still a public servant and thus responsibilities lie on their shoulders to actually deliver the package, not just put up useless PR on their website (seriously, do I NEED to see the latest additions to the Royal family when I go to the website? I thought we were finally free oh wait, lets write ANOTHER letter on that)

edit: Back to package recon for me...
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