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Originally Posted by XZIVR View Post
I'm thinking about buying the CQB AK seen here: (Second from the bottom). For now I'm going to be indoor only, but if I one day go outdoors, would it be possible to buy something like this: along with a longer barrel and make the gun playable on outdoor fields?

Just curious. Not sure if I'm overlooking something here..

Oh, one other thing.. I can't seem to find any AK's with a rail near the rear sight. How does a guy mount a red dot to one of these..?

Don't waste your time putting that front end on the SRC. And in response to the debate going on here, SRC AEGs are clones of TM AEGs, so that front will definitely fit. They only differ once you start getting into blowback models, TM stayed electric while SRC went gas and both designs changed.

You won't need the longer barrel as long as you have decent compression being created by your gearbox, i.e. steady air flow out of the nozzle, a good hop up and bucking and a good tight bore barrel. Marry those together properly and unless you're planning on being a sniper, you won't need to worry. Plus, it's fun to hear/see people's reactions when they get dinged by some guy playing on an outdoor field with a CQB weapon.

And as for a rail near the rear sight you've got a couple of options. The most common is the side rail, but that involves permanent modification to your receiver, something not advised if you've never used a drill before or should be a contestant on Canada's Worst Handyman.

Your other option is replacing the rear sight with a rail. Here's 2 models

Regular (6th one down)


The second one won't work on the SRC you linked to your post though cause it only really mounts on AKs with full rear stocks. Great part about it is though that it adds a lot of rigidity to your AK. Full stock models tend not to be all that durable, IMOP.

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