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Originally Posted by Iskaryot View Post
I've been waiting for over a month, almost 2 months, so yeah, just be patient. Oh yeah, since you're new, I'll give you another advice. Don't post anywhere outside of Newbie Tank until you have the Age Verified tag under your picture. There are things that men are not to meant to know lurking outside the protective womb known as newbie tank.... *shudders*
You should perhaps contact your AV rep and see what the dealio is on that, sounds like something is off. Anyone who got their info taken down at TTAC has had their switched flicked. (Baring any mistakes or mishaps)

As for the OP..
Patience is a real nice thing to learn in life. No, nobody is perfect... But you can always learn to be smarter then your average bear! er, person...

Happy airsofting!
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