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My GF is ok with it to the point that she wants to join in with her friends. This could get interesting.

As for my family, my mom thinks it's stupid until I told her it's good practice since I'm in the military and you want me alive at the end of the day. My dad however, funny story. I let him try one of my guns and was ok with it being fun to shoot. But once I told him they are based on real guns, he just shook his head in disbelief thinking most modern guns are toys compared to what he used back in his time in the army(ie. using M1 Garand during the Vietnam War). Oh don't get him started when it comes to the idea of red dot sights, waste of money to him because that's what iron sights are for and if you need to aim in close quarters, you must have really shitty aim which begs the question on marksmanship these days. In short, it's pretty much the tale of "Back in my day..."
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