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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
Here's what I would do if I really wanted a shiny silver pistol.

I'd buy one as is, and then see how scuffed up it gets, how it gets you noticed in the bush and so on.

I went on a pistol quest that took about 2 years to complete to get a special one built for me. I don't regret the time, the cost or the result, but that was 2 years without that particular pistol. If you start this project you've got to be aware of how things can stretch out, otherwise you're selling it for half of you paid or less as a work in progress fixer.

I don't know how close to getting the age verified tag under your name you are but once you do have that you can scan the classifieds here for something that will either suit you, or that you can use till the project is done.
Well, I just want a shiny slide, I'm not sure if I can buy only the slide. But yeah if it's(chroming) a [easily scratched] mirror finish, I might just stick with the matte silver finish. Not like anybody can notice it from afar and it looks better w/o visible scratches close up.

Since KWA uses pot metal, I guess chroming it is out of the option. I'll either just buy the slide or paint over it.

p.s. Is sliver duracoat shiny or just a bright grey colour?

Edit: I got AV'd at the Toronto Convention, but it still hasn't past through the system

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