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Originally Posted by Iskaryot View Post
Yeah I've read your post, I'm just not sure what kind of aluminum it is made out of as the seller(redwolfairsoft) didn't specify. All they said was "high quality CNC Aluminium" unless CNC is a type of Aluminum. Btw, I know I can't order from the US, I'm just reading their description for info.
CNC is a process of cutting a part using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) to control the path, feed rate, and depth of the tool. It's the physical process of transferring a CAD (Computer Aided Design) file in to a tangible part that matches the design. Most of this work is done on a mill or a lathe, but other types of machine tools can also be used.

"CNC" can be done to plastic, wood, die cast metals, or even aircraft grade aluminum, so saying it's "CNC" alone doesn't mean anything.

"High quality" doesn't mean anything either, as it could just mean it was manufactured with high quality control in the manufacturing process, or that it was manufactured to very tight tolerances.

For what it's worth, MOST retailers do not know enough about a specific product to be able to say what it's actually made of. If you want the real answer, it's better to ask the manufacturer themself.

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