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Originally Posted by BoGrain View Post
if you have a metal pistol, you could try to remove the paint, sand it with 600 grits paper and apply some metal polish - it gives out a nice result that mimicks chrome.

YouTube - How remove paint from a metal airsoft gun
That sounds good in theory, but doesn't it also expose it to the elements? I guess it would only matter if it's made of steel when it could rust.

Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
If you post the gun make/model for the particular parts in question, someone on this forum may know the answer as well.
I actually don't have said pistol at hand, I just want to know if its chrome-able before I buy it. KWA's CZ-75 or the KWA's TT-33 that's coming out are just two of the many models that I am considering.
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