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I'm sure almost all of us would agree that this is more fun than board games! Make sure you go over the FAQ section. It'll give you the lowdown on general airsoft rules, importation laws regarding guns as well as a neat series of steps to get you started.

I'd suggest first and foremost to get Age Verified. Age Verification is necessary to gain full access to the site, as information about guns and where to buy them is restricted. You can find a list of local AV representatives right here in the Newbie Tank section. Meet up, show some ID and once verified you'll have access to classifieds and retailer sections for guns. In the meantime, I'd suggest researching any particular airsoft guns you're interested in, reading more FAQs, and getting an idea of the gear/equipment you'll need to make it out to a game.
If you can find a local game in your area, you can show up, rent a gun/mask and join in provided you're over 18. You'll also find that AV reps frequent these games, which would make getting AV'ed much easier!
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