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I would be playing strictly outdoor, but some of our local fields(that I wouldn't be using that often regardless) play CQB rules 100% of the time(for liability reasons they say).
Would I notice a difference in accuracy/range between the 2 guns?(both are using M140 springs) due to barrel length?
The FPS on the carbine just seems too high. If it really is shooting at 460 FPS my local airsoft club wouldn't let me use it in auto or burst, and my MED would be ridiculous. Might as well get a sniper rifle.

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both guns are already upgraded out of the box. once you put the lower velocity spring in you shouldn't have any problems. where are you located? depending where you play will determine whether your gun will be under the max fps limit. as for which gun is better, that's entirely up to you. If you work at the store then try them both out, find which one is comfortable for you.
I meant for replacement parts mostly, but you can always upgrade further And our store doesn't have anything like a firing range so all I can really do is hold and look at them. Would feel too guilty to take it back if I didn't like it after shooting it so I want to be 100% before I commit.

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