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Best first gun (mp5 or m4)

I'm debating between the G&G MP5 A4 MAXand the G&G M4 Carbine MAX. Both are full metal and shoot well over the FPS I need(but both come with downgrade springs). There is noway in hell i could use the carbine for CQB, well the MP5's downgrade spring might just bring the FPS low enough for it to be usable in semi-auto for CQB. I work at the store I would be buying my AEG from so I can get either of them for the same price.
I was able to find lots of internal/external upgrades for the M4 but almost none for the MP5, so I'm kinda leaning toward the M4 for upgrade-ability.
On the other hand, I like the feel/weight/look of the MP5 much better.
What would you recommend as a first AEG?
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