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I assume dan is in Vancouver/Lower Mainland and if so both Op-For and BCAC have 18+ rules. HOWEVER, FVAA (Fraser Valley Airsoft Association) which play at the Bigfoot field don't and I believe it may be as young as 14+ (not 100% sure, but check up on that I know there is a lower age requirement).

As for bullpup.... You may or may not want one. I've tried one once and it's pretty "meh" TBH. I just don't like the ergonomics of them. You play CS or whatever other game that features bullpups and you're like "this is so kickass" but then you realize once you ahve to reload "OK... this might be a bit akward". BUT don't let that scare you off of them. The Australian army use the Aug (designated at the "F88" I believe) as their standard issue infantry weapon and you can always train your muscle memory on how to handle the weapon for easy reloading and such.

I say if you can scrounge up $600 then you'll be pretty much set for your first few games. Breakdown of costs:

Boots: (I assume you own your own,)
Combats: $30-50
PB Mask: $70 (ideal to have it "modular"/detachable so that if the field only requires goggles part only you can separate it from the mask and get a better cheekweld on the gun)
Gun: $450
Field Entrance: $20
BB's: $10-15

Gas money if you carpool
Timmies or McD's (McGriddle meal = breakfast of champions)
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