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thanks for the info guys, I appreciate it. Well no i am not really into M4's, actually yes they look cool, but like you said most of the guns out there have M4 designs, so what I am really interested in is a Bullpup design rifle, like the G&G F2000 (but 650 is a bit too much for me atm), so once I am AV'ed I might look around for that. Do I have to be 18 to play a game of A.S.? My birthday is close, but then again 3 months or so of waiting is still some time away, and I would like to play asap (I really need an outdoor hobby and can't think of anything else lol). I don't mind buying a rifle when I am 18 but I would like to play a little earlier if that's possible any thoughts on that?
And thats a great Idea with the renting part and trying stuff out, I shall do that.
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