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Originally Posted by S7EVIN View Post
Oh, no, I was talking about a person who owns an online store based in Alberta, I have been in contact with him. is the name, check em out, they got low prices...well low enough.
Just thought a new store opened up in Vancouver or something. I'm familiar w/ all the online retailers and such but haven't had the urge to purchase anything from them as of yet (No one has the RS Type 97B in stock) . As for Gorilla surplus and Poco, like I said they're surplus stores, anything they have will be limited in selection and not of the best quality. That and Gorilla is just a horrible store imo.

As many have said before, the best bet is to get AV'd and stick to purchasing from retailers within Canada as there are a number of import restrictions in place limiting you to what you can or cannot bring across the border. Unfortunately airsoft is one of the things you can't bring into Canada w/o authorization etc. Oh and from what I know of the classifieds, there's a greater selection of whats available plus the forum is great for learning more about airsoft so just read the FAQs, guides, etc..

-advice from a long time ASC lurker
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