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I hope you didnt order that lower receiver through a site/store outside of canada. When they ship it to you it wont make it past customs as its a restricted item.
If you ordered it from a local retailer then you'll be fine.

You'll find that getting AV'ed is worth it if you are looking to expand your collection. Most 'canadian legal' sites will only sell guns that have plastic see-through parts, and while you can easily cover them with a spray of paint, they dont do so well in the durability department. Not pointing towards your KJW but there have been reports of other gas guns cracking the plastic bodies after a while because of the constant recoil/pressure forces. On both the classifieds and the retailers here you'll find non-clear, non-plastic guns that are more authentic replicas that perform much better.
Of course if you choose to you can remain non-AVed and still browse sections of this forum. Just throwing this out there since you live in Vancouver it shouldn't be hard to find an AV rep. There are people here who live away from the more concentrated airsoft regions and have had to drive hours to meet up with a rep.
Alternatively, you can find a local game happening and show up, there are usually AV reps attending who can verify your information on the spot.
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