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Im not spitting in anyone's faces! You guys starting attacking me for saying that I don't want a TM! Im sorry that im new here and don't know how to operate the website to the extent of you "Masters" out there. You guys completely sidetracked my question with complaints about KJW and how TM is so much better, but I don't care! I'm talking about KJW. And it has nothing to do with my first question. Thank you above, for your rude comments. I have already got everything I need, so now can we just end this? Oh and I'm not getting 'age verified' because its a waste of my time, especially with such an unfriendly group of people such as yourselves. Seriously, I'm neither ignorant nor have a huge ego, or whatever else you people have been saying, I just thought I could some answers from the ONE canadian airsoft forum alive at the moment. And for those saying "check the forums", or FAQ's or whatever the hell it was, I have! But I haven't found one that answered my question, and I have looked. I don't understand what the big deal with being AV'd is anyways. There's no point in me asking these questions if I wasn't over 18 because how would I get an airsoft gun in the first place..Or use it for that matter!
Trust me i've been down that path before and purchased a KJW hi capa because a TM was too expensive. It worked alright for a bit then broke in less than a month. First the hammer started catching on the bottom of the BBU then the disconnector broke and a shole bunch of other stuff. Because of the low quality of the gun some of the components inside were not made to TM dimensions. The TM parts didn't even fit and was a huge headache. I ended up just buying new TM hi capa instead of trying to fix it. Be patient, get av'd, save up and get a TM.
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