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Originally Posted by KSKcarter View Post
Hello I have been trying to find a gun doc asking people I seen have it in their sig. Posted in appropriate sections and now just want to really find help after a few months of no luck. I have a KWA G36C that had problems(ended up being broken piece in the mechbox). So I bought a Tune up kit complete with everything except the gearbox and I just can't get the thing together so I am asking to pay for somebody to take it assemble it and test it, then send it back.

Help would be greatly appreciated seeing how airsoft season is almost a go in my town.

He is on the op-for forum. Best gundoc I know, he has done a lot of work for me. I believe he lives in Richmond but you can always mail your gun to him and he will do it for you and mail it back.

Good luck!

Kingston airsoft, we do it better.
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