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I don't want to sound elitist or snobby or whatever...but here goes...

It's not that the PTW is THE longest shooting, most accurate platform out there...there are certainly all types of other airsoft weapons out there that can be tweaked/tuned/modded to shoot as far/accurately.

It's not that the PTW is out of the box a solid, reliable, accurate, etc...platform. Because truth be told it isn't (IMHO)...each one needs some due dilligence to get it working to it's utmost potential.

It's not that the PTW is a cheap (as in doesn't cost a lot of $$$$ and/or parts don't cost $$$) certainly comes with a pretty stiff price tag. Electronics, motors, parts, EVERYTHING about it seemingly costs more relative to other AEG parts.

But rather...the PTW platform is one such that it does readily lend itself to being:
1. Very quickly customizable for FPS and various uppers/barrels/etc
2. Solid, repeatable setup with consistent airseal/firing timing/etc...which leads to good accuracy
3. Hopup system...when the roller cage is modded (not all that hard) it is capable of applying very consistent and effective amounts of hopup to BBs. Personall...mine tends to prefer 0.28's...and will over hop lighter BBs...but it will send all weights of QUALITY BBs out straight and true. It is one of the most shot to shot to 1000th shot consistent hopup systems I've seen....for what amounts to very little work. * this and the consistent air seal is what makes the PTW seem to hit longer and more accurately than other platforms*
4. The trigger response is a little "fake" in that it feels like a push button on a game controller...but the "lag time" between triggering the shot and the shot leaving your muzzle is extremely short...and always consistent...and that leads to top tier accuracy.

The platform can be made to easily do all the above...and once it's running well it tends to do it for a good long time with little to no maintenance/tuning/tweaking/etc...

So...does this make you outgunned? Not in the least. I get zapped all the time

If you're feeling down about being outgunned...or are disappointed in putting $$$$ into a BA or whatever and not being the world beater hoard slayer that you thought you'd be........well the issue isn't your gun or someone elses gun.

PS... Truth be told...although it's probably technically "the best" one I've got for accuracy, range, PTW takes a backseat to both my gas rifles (which DO NOT shoot as far or accurately) and my KA Galil (which sprays a beautiful random pattern of BBs...but is just too much fun to use). I prefer both of those for the action and fun factor...and all in all I probably get and take as many hits with either of them as I do with the PTW.

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